Betsy DeVos Impacts the Next Generation

Good role models are few and far between, especially for the young girls of our country. The only idols that the media pushes are those who promote drug use, broken families, promiscuity, Twitter Wars, and vengeance. These are not virtues I want to be instilled into my daughter. In an age where immorality is the goal, who can our little ladies look to for guidance? One role-model that I recommend is Betsy DeVos.


DeVos was born on the 8th of January in 1958. She was born and raised in Holland, Michigan. When she was old enough, she attended the private Christian school Holland Christian High School. During her time there, she received a passion for private education, a love that would later become her legacy. After graduating from Holland Christian, DeVos attended Calvin College. Here, she acquired a degree in business economics, which she would put to good use in her political and corporate career.


Like all her ancestors, DeVos would join the Republican Party. Not only was she a member, but she proudly served in whatever capacity they had for her. At their behest, DeVos served as the Committeewoman for the state if Michigan from 1992-1997. She would become the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party in 1996 and serve for four years. After stepping down, she would be re-elected to the position in 2003. Her exceptional service caught the eye of President George Bush who promoted her to the National Republican Senatorial Committee to serve as the finance chairperson.


When not working in a political office, DeVos proudly served as the head of several PACs including, Alliance for School Choice and All Children Matter. Her passions for things such as school choice, vouchers, and charter schools, would become her legacy. President Trump noticed her achievements and nominated her to serve in his cabinet. After a majority vote in the Senate, she became the United States Secretary of Education.


So far her work in politics has been covered in this article, but it is her charitable heart that should be imitated by all. She has served The Prince Foundation as Vice President until she co-founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with her husband.


The driving force within the DeVos Foundation are the Christian virtues. This foundation exists to instill not only those religious virtues, but also the virtues of education, leadership, arts, community, and justice; all of which are the backbone of a civilized country.


In 2015, the DeVos foundation gave $11.6 million to organizations that encouraged these five virtues. As of 2015, the DeVos family is listed as #24 by Forbes on their list of top American givers and their total contributions are over $139 million.


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Talk Fusion for Families

There are a lot of families that don’t get to see each other as often as they might like. If you are one of these families, then you know how important it is to see your family when you are talking to them.


Special Occasions

The biggest time you might want to use a video chat is when special occasions are happening. This may include a simple holiday or when something happens that is larger in the family and you want to be a part of it. You get to see the family and what is happening in their home.



You can also talk to your family everyday while seeing their faces. This makes things seem closer and will help you to feel more like a part of the family. You can talk and see the reactions of your family members as you speak. This will help you to feel more involved in everything going on.


Military Families

If your family member is in the military, then you might want to look into Talk Fusion. They offer this video chat option as well as regular video email that you can use to keep in touch with your family members. This makes a huge difference when they are so far from you.


There are a lot of ways you can see and talk to your family. This is simply one way and you may just find the ease of it fits you best. When you look into it, you will find that Talk Fusion has apps on the phone as well as software that can be downloaded onto the computer to help you. Take your time and see if it will fit your needs and help you feel closer than ever before. Learn more:


How Technology Has Enabled Securus To Position Itself As A Pioneer In Its Niche

Americas Trusted Securus Technologies is one of Americas largest providers and facilitators of inmate communication services. Among their services is tracking of individuals under parole while at the same time providing a secure government information management system. Currently, Securus is serving close to 2,600 American correctional facilities that are distributed across 45 states.


The firm also serves the District of Colombia Canada and Mexico, which brings the total number of inmates directly benefiting from their services to more than 1,000,000. Securus curved its niche within the rehabilitation institutions and designed products and services specifically tailored to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, correctional departments and various government institutions that need their sophisticated range of services.


Securus, which was founded in 1986 is a Texas-based company, over the years has developed to a pioneer when it comes to availing comprehensive, innovative and reliable solutions for Americas correctional and law enforcement communities. In July 2016, the company’s commitment to providing quality services to its stakeholders became evident as they announced that they had made investments that exceeded $600 million over a three-year period. This cash was used in the acquisition of various patents and technologies aimed at providing a robust and secure solution.


On a weekly basis, Securus develops a new product or service aimed at satisfying the ever-growing demands of these agencies. Recently, Securus received emails regarding the services it has been providing while keeping the members of general public safe including the inmates and their families.


In these emails, the Securus was commended on their use of technology to curb and prevent crime. One client through the emails, thanked Securus for the assistance and information the company provided as this was later used to obtain a search warrant that proved useful as a corrupt prison staff got apprehended for introducing contrabands in the correctional facility.


Securus Is One Of Few Positive Things About America’s Criminal Justice

I keep telling anybody will listen that the United States needs to reform its criminal justice system. People don’t seem to understand that the United States puts a higher percentage of its population behind bars than any other country. I mean, we always have a bad collective perspective on the humanitarian records of countries like China and Iran. Unfortunately, many countries around the world have called for humanitarian investigations into the criminal justice system of the United States because of our massive amount of prisoners.


What is the more plausible explanation? Do you think our population simply commits more crimes than any other population on earth? Or, do you think that there is a massive amount of money to be made in the criminal justice system? I think our prisons and correctional facilities are being exploited for a profit which, in turn, requires a quota of prisoners.


There are some awful examples of this out there. Global Tel Link, the leading third-party provider of telephone services to correctional facilities in the country, has recently made the news for fixing prices in order to profit off the prison population.


Unfortunately, criminal justice reform is going to come around slowly. Even the FCC has failed to put down reasonable regulations for companies like Global Tel Link. In the meantime, I’m going to applaud the good business model put forth by Securus Technologies.


This correctional facility telecommunications company does the right things. They provide a quality telecommunications product at a very reasonable price and they make it incredibly easy for families to pay. The company has reinvested over $600 million of profit in order to make it easier for prisoners to connect with the outside world. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is highly rated among its users.


Whitney Wolfe Provides Solution For Easy Dating

Whitney Wolfe is known to be one of leading online dating provider. Wolfe is the CEO and the President of Bumble Company. Bumble is an online dating site that allows ladies to make a move first to a man. Whitney Wolfe has been known for her focus and determination. She ventured into a career line when she was 19 years old as an entrepreneur.

Whitney Wolfe worked with Tinder, another dating site that she played a part in co-founding. It was after leaving Tinder when she established and launched her dating site, Bumble App. Her firm is based in Austin, Texas.

Bumble App allows users to swipe right to approve or left to reject on the profiles of the potential partners. However, whenever you swipe wrongly, you can shake your phone to undo the action and proceed to what you deem right. After a swipe the app only allows women to start the conversation. Therefore Bumble provides people with a way of meeting with their partners online just by viewing and swiping their profiles and sending messages until they get a match and take their relationship to another level.

In the recent past, Whitney Wolfe came up with a more improved dating app known as Bumble BFF. It helps women to meet partners online and connect to form relationships. It also requires the swiping of the profiles in search for a match. Bumble BFF, unlike the original app, allows users to reach their potential partners within 24 hours. Bumble BFF seems to be loved by the majority in that it had 1 million swipes and views within the first week of its launch with more than 12.5 million operators globally.

Bumble app is linked to users` Facebook accounts so that the Bumble system matches them with many profiles which match their information in Facebook. Bumble app safe guard the privacy of its users. Hence no information about this dating site is shared on users` Facebook wall. To become a Bumble user, all you need to do is; to download the app, enter your information and create an account. Afterward, your profile will be created, and you can start viewing profiles in search of your match.

Hussain Sajwani’s Mission of Making Dubai Great

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani, a native of United Arab Emirates, is the founder and CEO and chairman of the Board of DAMAC Properties. He received a degree in business and specialized in Economics from the University of Washington. Sajwani joined GASCO as a Contracts Manager. He later decided to found his own business, DAMAC properties.

He founded the residential real estate company in 2002. DAMAC Properties has its headquarters is in Dubai. DAMAC started as a food catering company serving the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe. In 1990, DAMAC Group was the primary food supplier to the U.S military. Hussain Sajwani still owns the food service firm today.

In 2002, DAMAC Group ventured into the Real estate industry. Sajwani’s target market was the non-Emiratis after a law had been passed by the Dubai government allowing foreigners to possess property in the region. DAMAC Properties is one of the best luxury, residential and commercial property developers. DAMAC has constructed more than 18,500 homes 13,000 hotel rooms and 40,000 units are in progress.

Hussain Sajwani has a business and friendship relationship with the U.S president, Donald Trump. The two real estate business partners are hoping to enhance their trade relationship through Donald Trump’s real estate firm. The two business icons have already collaborated in making the Trump International Golf Club a success whereby the racks have summed up about $ 2 billion in sales made and the Trump World Golf Course designed by Tiger Woods which will start working in 2018.

The two families spend time in New York having lunch and dinners regularly, Sajwani also attended the opening of Trump’s Washington hotel. Hussain Sajwani family attended Trump’s New Year Eve Celebration in Mar-a-Lago where Trump referred to them as the most beautiful people. Sajwani’s family is positive that in future they will continue their productive business relationship with Donald Trump.

Hussain Sajwani being a generous giver has participated in supporting different organizations. Hussain Sajwani donated AED 2 million to provide clothing to more than 50,000 children during a launch by the Ruler of Dubai. DAMAC Properties contributed AED 1 Million in the UAE compassion campaign to support refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. The DAMAC owner is passionate about providing dream homes and luxurious buildings to clients globally.

To learn more, visit

Richard Blair: Best Wealth Management Professional

Richard Blair is an investment advisor who is known because of his numerous accomplishments. Blair has been in the industry for a long time, and he has all the expertise and experience needed by the modern client. Blair is the founder and chief executive officer of a company known as Wealth Solutions. Under his leadership, the investment company has done very well, and it has assisted very many individuals. Learn more:


At Wealth Solutions, the investment manager has worked with different families, individuals and business owners who have managed to accumulate assets in their career. However, most of these persons do not know how they can handle these assets effectively. After all, managing these is not a walk in the park. The wise clients who visit Wealth Solutions are given a comprehensive wealth management technique, and they end up multiplying and protecting their wealth. The modern market is very competitive, and people make loses every day. However, with the right strategies, people can make profits.

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Wealth management is a complex topic. It mostly focuses on creating investment portfolios that will produce a good diversification that is based on the needs and goals of the customer. Individuals who seek professional wealth management often make the best decisions for their assets. This is because they are offered the access to professional advice that gives that several traditional and alternative investments. The advice given to a client is based on their financial objectives, their risk tolerance and the amount of capital at hand. Richard has been in the market for a long time, and he provides his customers with a diverse portfolio that allows them to venture into the market without undertaking too much risk.


Richard Blair has assisted many individuals in their career. The hedge fund manager says that he only believes that the key to perfect wealth management is a perfect collaboration. The businessman helps by serving as the client partner in the journey to wealth preservation. In every aspect of wealth management, the wealth manager wants to ensure that the client is satisfied. Learn more:


The modern investor needs a wealth manager who they can trust. It is impossible to trust someone who is not well qualified. Richard Blair went to some of the best finance schools in the world. The investment manager has several degrees under his name, proving that he has all the professional knowledge. Blair is always updated in matters concerning tax and finance, earning the trust of many people.


Aloha Construction: Quality and Reputation Second to None

Aloha Construction, Inc has become a name known with quality and respect when it comes to quality construction throughout Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. This family owned business prides itself on helping to create quality constructed homes that can protect you when it comes to protecting against the natural elements of hail, high winds, storms, and snow. It is no wonder their reputation has grown with their completion of over 18,000 completed projects!

David A. Farbaky, President, and CEO of Aloha Constructions, Inc. was honored to have completed over 7,000 projects was excited that they had broken the record with over 20,000 completed projects by the end of 2015. David was also proud to say that their mission was to stay focused on providing quality service to their customers. Their continued commitment to customer service has also helped their company to expand as they take on more projects too.

Aloha Construction, Inc. stands by their motto of helping to make their customers feel more secure in their homes. The last thing anyone wants is to have to deal with the damage done by the weather and the additional costs that can accrue because of it.

Aloha Construction, Inc. not only constructs new homes but they also specialize in the restoration of homes too, specifically interior restorations such as remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, basements, water extraction and worst case scenarios natural disaster aid and clean-up! They understand that this does sometimes happen and clean-up can be difficult, dangerous and time-consuming. Let Aloha Construction, Inc. worry about the mess and restoration.

If quality is an issue for you, rest assured that Aloha Construction is fully licensed and insured. If that isn’t enough, they also offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. So put your mind at ease and contact them and see what they can do for you today.

Richard Blair and His Vast Investment Knowledge

When Richard Blair received a degree in finance from the University of Houston he may have never guessed that he would be able to help so many people build their financial plans. It has been over decades since he received that degree, and he has been helping people pave the wave to a better retirement ever since. This is what Richard Blair has done with a great amount of confidence.Learn more :


It is through his company that Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has made a name for himself as someone that would create an investment advisory company that would help many clients in Austin. This is where he has founded one of the most successful investment companies in Texas. He has managed to get certifications in addition to the degree that he has from the University of Houston. He has made it possible for people to see the benefits of using investing advisors when they are ready to set goals for their finances.Learn more :


What people will realize is that it can be very difficult to build a financial plan that is going to work to your benefit without knowing all the options that are available. It is going to be much better to sit down with someone that has knowledge of a vast number of things that can be done to improve your financial plans. Richard Blair has become an expert at giving people advice about what will work for their current situations. Some people may assume that they do not have money for a specific time period. They may assume that they will save more money when they have more money to save. What Richard Blair can do is meet people were they are. He has experience in modest and aggressive growth strategies. It does not matter if people are making a little or a lot. Richard Blair has a plan that can help anyone start their financial plan.Learn more :


That is the thing that makes him a valuable resource for clients. He knows where people can start, but he also realizes that there are times when people may have a desire to make some changes. He can help people make the necessary adjustments when they have more money to invest. Richard Blair knows about a wide assortment of investments so it is easy to put an investor on the right track when they want to invest larger sums of money.



Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Wants to Surpass Amazon

In order to surpass the leader in any industry, you have to be working extremely hard to grow those numbers so you can sustain enough momentum to make the pass and stay in the forefront. The reason this is such a challenge for most companies is Amazon has such a commanding lead over the nearest competitor as they control 20 percent of the total sales in the apparel niche alone. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been growing their sales numbers over the past three years, and in that short amount of time they have brought in an impressive $250 million in sales of workout apparel and active-wear.


Hudson says the appeal of her athleisure brand has to do with more than the clothing being made from high-quality materials, it is a unique blending of a rewarding membership plan and reverse showrooming. To see what Hudson means in real-time, we have to first look at what is happening at the Fabletics stores in the local malls. Women of all ages shop with no pressure from sales associates to move merchandise, in fact, customers are encouraged to window-shop, browse new arrivals, take a Lifestyle Quiz, or try on all the apparel they like. This relaxed atmosphere is just part of the appeal of the entire shopping experience. Many women by nothing here at the retail store, so how does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics make any money.


Perhaps the secret to the ultimate success of Fabletics has to do with the e-commerce shopping experience. This is where women will eventually shop when they can take time out from their busy day, and what happens is everything they wore at the retail store is now waiting for them online to buy. The part of the equation where you worry if the clothing will eventually fit you has been removed from the equation. Now all you have to do is to simply start adding new arrivals and different colors to your online shopping cart and wait for your workout apparel to arrive.


Contrast this to the buying at eBay or Amazon, where you buy a single piece in the hopes it fits first. By the time you send it back and get the right size, the thrill of shopping has worn off. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership rewards its loyal customers with discounted pricing and free shipping for online orders. Members also have access to a personal shopping assistant who is going to look over the quiz answers and select one piece each month that they think will suit you well.