26 August, 2014:

After many rounds, we are in the final round of Hard Rock Hotel's Battle of the bands!
In September 9 we will be perform in the finals!
God bless.

21 August, 2014:

Today Magg is playing Cancun's Music Festival!

19 July, 2014:

Magg will perform this August 21 in Cancun's Music Festival! Expect some new songs.
God bless.

21 June, 2014:

Hi, we are going to participate in the Battle of the Bands of Hard Rock Hotel. The battle will last several months and we are going to face the best bands of the region.

9 March, 2014:

Magg will perform at the Rock & Metal Festival on April 11. For this event, we will play new songs.
God bless.

1 March, 2014:

Hi, our song "Chinese Room" is on Progsphere's new Compilation: Progstravaganza XVII Progression.

Don't miss this opportunity to listen to a lot of great bands.

1 January, 2014:

Hi, New Year, new content. The site: has new features, on the "Lyrics" section you can find the lyrics of our songs, including a commentary section.
Commentaries with references will be uploaded this week.

Here is the Youtube link:

God bless.

18 December, 2013:

Hi, we have uploaded a live video of the song "Chinese Room."
Here is the Youtube link:

God bless.

17 November, 2013:

Hi, the video for "Brightness" has been featured on the front page of Nueva Metal.
You can find it at
God bless.

6 November, 2013:

The video for the song "Brightness" is finally released! Watch it at Youtube/maggband

23 September, 2013:

This sunday we are going the present the record "Birth / Revival," the event will take place at the House of Culture.
The band is going to play the whole album and it will be recorded on video.
God bless.

23 July, 2013:

We have just received the color tests for our album's booklet and cdís. Everything looks nice, so in a few weeks we must be receiving the complete albums.
God bless.

27 July, 2013:

Hi we are launching our new website!
Some options are under construction but soon the whole site will be available. We would like to thank Yume for the wonderful, concept, design and photos.

New video: Brightness

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