Helane Morrison’s time as an administrator of SEC

Helane Morrison is a managing director and a chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. This is the latest appointment in her long and successful legal profession. She has been in the field for decades and says that of all the jobs that she has worked; her position as a SEC administrator was the one job that she remembers the most. She held this post between 1995 and 1999.

Before she was appointed to the position, she had been very active in making sure that the organization carried out their mandate of ensuring that stock trading was carried out according to the set rules and standards. This was a time when SEC had been strongly following up all the businesses that were going against the set compliance rules. Her plan when she was given the appointment as to step up the aggressiveness of the war and make sure that the operations got even more streamlined. She had also worked as an enforcement officer with the organization before she was appointed to the post. When fraud cases were reported to her by different people, she did her best to make sure that it was followed up and justice was achieved. Her tenure in the office was one that was marked with resounding success.

She had taken up the office at the age of 46. Her jurisdiction was San Francisco in California, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada. Before her appointment, only two other women had ever been appointed to any administrative post in the company. Her immediate predecessor was David Bayless who had moved on to another job.

She left a very strong legacy in the company. This was making sure that she used laws that had been laid down to be followed when dealing with securities fraud. She is still remembered for following the Republic Securities Case which she burst open and the perpetrators were brought to nook. She also handled the California Micro devices case.

Susan had been practicing as a lawyer before these appointments. She had represented a number of clients and they had been prosecuted by the SEC. Being the philanthropist and lover of social justice that she is, she had taken up many class action suits. She has also represented individual clients and securities firms. She is a law graduate from the UC Berkely Law School. Susan’s illustrious career is evidence that it is possible to break the glass ceiling as females and make it to the administrative posts that are thought of as a reserve for the other gender.