Planning a Stress Free Party

Sometimes, a party is fun for everyone except one person…the person who has to plan it. You need some help, and are looking for one of the best event planners in NYC. Turn to one of the best event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers. They can show you the best way to throw an incredible celebration for any event, and how to do it stress free.

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design company. No matter what type of celebration you are planning, the experienced staff will ensure that it goes off without a hitch. They plan events with the latest foods, decor, and entertainment to make sure your party is one of a kind and unforgettable. They offer catering, selection of venue, entertainment, lighting services, floral design and more. Because planning a party shouldn’t be stressful, there are steps you can take to make it as easy as possible.

You need to be organized. Just because a lot goes into party planning does not mean it has to be chaotic. Keep a master list of everything that needs to be done. Also have a shopping list so you are not running haphazardly around the store grabbing anything and everything, and a well planned guest list so you don’t accidentally forget anyone.

Come up with a theme and send out invitations. The theme can be reflected on the invitation so your guests know what to expect without having to ask. This will eliminate the element of surprise as well as build anticipation.

In order to eliminate stress, consider a self serve bar. This will allow your guests to feel more comfortable as they create their own drinks and allow them to be creative as well.

Rather than an elaborate, sit down dinner, consider having an array of appetizers as dinner. This will allow guests to sample different foods and flavors, and relieves the stress of serving a formal meal.

If kids are invited, set up a fun kids’ table. Make it fun for them, maybe include paper and crayons to keep them entertained. For the main table, keep settings simple. A great party doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

In addition to keeping the party stress free, keep yourself stress free. Leave an hour of free time before your guests are scheduled to arrive to allow yourself time to relax and get yourself ready. If you are harried, the event will be that much more stressful for you.

Lastly, plan ahead for great favors. Sending your guests home with a small token of your appreciation, such as a small candy box, is a great way to end a celebration, and it will provide something for your guests to remember your party by.


Sam Tabar Is a Financial Genius

Sam Tabar has had an amazing career that has led him on a spectacular journey. He has had a couple of different careers that have been equally successful. One of the most amazing things about Sam is the fact that he has managed to stay on top in the very competitive financial industry. He began his education at the legendary Oxford University located in the United Kingdom.

He then decided that he wanted to further his education and become a lawyer. He enrolled at New York City’s Columbia University in an effort to make his dream come true. He was a great student at both schools and he managed to graduate with honors.

Many law firms competed for Sam’s services after he graduated from law school. He eventually decided that it would be in best interests to accept an offer from Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

They are one of the largest and most profitable law firms in the world. Sam knew that the sky would be the limit for him if he could impress the people who worked at this firm. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

According to, the first job that Sam Tabar was given involved advising people who were interested in creating their own hedge fund. Sam quickly discovered that he had a knack for this particular assignment. He also used this job to his advantage.

He became close friends with some of the most powerful financial players in New York City. It would not be very long until many of these powerful investors would be working with Sam again.

Sam Tabar would decide to depart the Skadden law firm after working there for several years. He had big dreams for his career. He did not think he would be able to accomplish them at Skadden.

Therefore, he took a job working in Hong Kong at PMA Investment Advisors. It was in this job that Sam put to use all of the things he had learned about hedge funds at Skadden. He made a rise up the organizational ladder in a very short period of time. He eventually would manage a hedge fund worth $2 billion.

Samuel Strauch, Experienced and Innovative

Samuel Strauch, a real estate agent in Miami Beach, is one of the most experienced and innovative Real Estate agents in the south Florida area. Samuel started his career in banking, learning the ins and outs of mortgage and financing, especially for property. Over fifteen years ago, he joined the family real estate business, taking advantage of the generations of experience in South Florida properties. Metrik Real Estate is one of the most progressive and forward thinking agencies in the country. Not only to they specialize in southern Florida, but Samuel Strauch and the company have a great deal of experience in Latin American countries.

One of the things Samuel Strauch is most proud of in his career is that he found a true calling in real estate. He finds a great deal of pride in helping people find a home for their family, a vacation spot to enjoy in retirement, or that perfect building for their new business. He is very proud of his contributions to both the residential and business community. Samuel is also very proud of his team, a group of well-trained, committed individuals with decades of experience in real estate and finance.

Samuel Strauch has been place in the top 15% of Florida real estate agents both for selling homes and for selling them fast. He has experience working for both buyers and sellers. Several of his sales have been near the million dollar mark, while some of his buyers have gotten prices in good areas for less than $200,000, and he prides himself on getting the best deal for his clients.


Replace Your Ordinary Shampoo And Conditioner With WEN Cleansing Conditioner!

Whether your hair is oily or dry, fine of thick textures, the daily hair care challenge is always how to get your hair clean and shiny without drying it out. Most women have tried a collection of every shampoo and conditioning product on the market only to be disappointed in the results. Shampoos that contain harsh detergents can clean too well stripping hair of its natural oils.

Many conditioning products do not penetrate the hair shaft properly, just leaving an oily residue instead of full-bodied shine. The good news is that there is finally a cleansing conditioner that can replace all of those products that don’t work and leave hair luxuriously soft and clean. WEN by Chaz is a unique product that leaves hair luxuriously clean and manageable. Instead of getting hair into a lather, WEN By Chaz is a whole new experience!

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As seen on celebrity endorsement commercials, WEN by Chaz is made from natural, botanical ingredients. Their newest formula, Spring Cherry Blossom, is the latest in the WEN Hair collection. Sweet Almond Milk is one of WEN by Chaz’s most popular products, and there is also an Italian Fig variety. No matter which Wen Cleansing Conditioner you choose, the results are a revolution in hair care. Those who thought there was no solution to their hair challenges have found WEN Cleansing Conditioner to be just what their hair needed.

WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner is great for color-treated hair, as it does not strip hair or leave it dry and frizzy. Chaz Dean is the premier hair consultant to the stars, so naturally, his products are responsible for a new revolution in daily hair care.