Fashion Love

Fashion Love

Our bodies are walking billboards, let’s face it. No matter your size, length of hair, nationality or gait, we are walking advertisements for the brands we enjoy. Much as many of us could buy sewing machines, and perhaps sew together a few pieces of material, in an attempt to put together a pleasing frock, we are likely going to fail. For others, however, they are born to design and to make items that others like to wear and find pleasing. This has become the biggest driver of the textile industry across the globe, and there are schools that take those artisans and make them even better.


The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University (SFAAU) is just that place, and for every person they help become better at what they love doing, New York Fashion Week will showcase those universities that are doing great work. In September 2017, the SFAAU showcased their wares once again in the epicenter of fashion week: Skylight Clarkson Square. It is no small feat for a school to be showcased repeatedly at the likes of the amazing Fashion Week in New York. Whether you love fashion or not, or never were a runway model, you will still gravitate toward the display of all things exciting in the world of fashion during that illustrious week.


There are those among us who see way more than just a piece of material; they see that as an opportunity. Their creativity knows no bounds, and being able to be a part of the SFAAU, and to have your designs showcased at Fashion Week is the ultimate achievement. That said, the AAU had ten recent graduates, of both the BFA and MFA programs, showcase a total of seven collections this past season. Of the seven, two represented collaborations of their graduates.


The SFAAU has received all sorts of accolades from U.S. News and World Report over the years, for both their undergraduate and graduate programs. It is a great school, that turns out trendsetters in the world of fashion, and where students are made stronger by the sheer experience of going to this university, located in the heart of it all. As consumers, we all benefit from their efforts, in one way or another.


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