Joe Arpaio is Pardoned by the American President

Joe Arpaio is Pardoned by the American President

Joe Arpaio has been a household in the United States. The powerful figure has been serving the country as the Maricopa County sheriff. His tenure has been full of numerous conflicts. The businessman has been accused of numerous scandals, and most of them have made him popular in the nation.

The businessman, however, experienced a lot of popularity several years ago when he sent his forces to go and arrest two prominent journalists. The businessman used his powers and influence on the forces to make sure that the journalists remain locked up in two different prisons. This simple act was not liked by the public, and many people started hating him.

Ten years ago, Jim and Mike experienced something that they will never want to go through again in their lifetimes. One evening, when the journalists were in their home areas based in Phoenix, they were forcefully arrested and forced into black cars that had Mexican number plates.

By the time of the arrest, nobody knew about the offense committed, and no one knew the police station they would have to be kept. For the families of the two friends, this day will remain locked in their hearts. These families endured the pain of watching their loved ones being taken away without any good reason.

Mike and Jim were working with one of the popular newspapers in the United States. The two journalists posted some articles, exposing some of the activities that were taking place in the Maricopa County. These shameful acts were ordered by Joe Arpaio and the administration. Prisoners in the county had died under very mysterious conditions, and some were missing after being taken to the facility.

Joe had claimed on several occasions that he was among the most powerful sheriffs in the United States, and nothing was going to happen to him. The news published by the journalists angered him, and he decided to arrest them for defamation. The public, however, did not accept the arrests, and they demonstrated for hours until the journalists were released. Read more:

After their release, the businessmen felt that it was essential to go to court and seek justice so that the incidence could not occur in the future. The courts ruled that the Maricopa County was guilty and that they should compensate the two by offering a huge amount of money. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The compensation provided to the two businessmen was used to start an organization known as Frontera Fund. The institution has assisted many people living in the US and other parts of the globe. The foundation has been giving funds to humanitarian organizations that need support.

Just recently, the American president announced that he had forgiven Joe Arpaio and his administration. The news has not been accepted by the public who decided to show their reaction by refusing to elect Joe for a new term in office.

The Frontera Fund has accused the American leader of being unjust when he decided to pardon the powerful sheriff after committing so many offenses in the past.

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